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Timeless pain management tipsFriday January 14th, 2022

All EMS providers can still learn something about patient care and pain management from their mother
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Fireworks safety and injury preventionThursday July 1st, 2021

Share these fireworks injury prevention tips with your community to promote safe celebration
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How to auscultate a patient's blood pressureTuesday May 4th, 2021

Learn and follow these steps to accurately auscultate blood pressure quickly and easily
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5 ways to protect your ambulance from theftFriday March 12th, 2021

Prevent your ambulance from being stolen and potentially causing harm to the thief or others
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Membership OpeningsFriday February 19th, 2021

Yorkshire Volunteer Fire Department will be holding Membership drives in the near future. Please watch for the flyers in the mail and consider joining. Spots are limited due to COVID policies in place but we would love for you to join us in helping keep the community safe!

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Warm EMS equipment for a warm patientMonday February 1st, 2021

When assessing and treating patients in a cold environment, do these simple things to help prevent heat loss and improve heat retention
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Cold weather response tips for EMSMonday February 1st, 2021

Move with purpose to prevent an apparatus crash, slip or fall, and protect the patient from increased discomfort
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Use AVPU scale to determine a patient's level of consciousnessFriday October 9th, 2020

Monitoring AVPU and other vital signs will help determine if the patient is improving, worsening or responding to treatment
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How to find and assess a pedal pulseTuesday October 6th, 2020

9 tips to quickly find a patient's pedal pulse for checking lower extremity circulation
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How to select education sessions at an EMS conferenceMonday August 10th, 2020

6 quick tips for selecting conference education sessions at an EMS conference
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